And How Does Four Peaks Wealth Management’s Investment Strategy Help?

January 2017 FPWM Client Learning Tool

2016: A Diversified Portfolio Case Study

The results from 2016 are a microcosm of how markets work over time and how the FPWM strategy is positioned to take advantage of the upside and protect against the downside.

–Dr. Allen Atkins, Finance Professor and FPWM Chief Market Strategist
graphics with three charts for 2016 returnsWhen markets are down, as they were in early 2016, our most conservative portfolios provide strong protection against the dips. The more aggressive portfolios more closely mimic the downturn of the overall market. When markets recover, the more conservative portfolios participate in the growth in a muted fashion whereas the aggressive portfolios will more fully participate in the upswing.

The result is that the conservative portfolios provide a smoother and less bumpy ride. The aggressive portfolios swing more widely, but over time should provide higher overall returns.

Which strategy best fits your financial goals?

Understanding how bumpy a ride you can tolerate is a critical component in developing your investment strategy with FPWM.