2016 had barely greeted us when well-known financial websites started the “gloom and doom” for the year’s market outlook.

USA Today 1/7/16: 2016 stock plunge not 2008 crash sequel, say market pros “The financial turmoil and worst four-day drop to start a year for the broad U.S. stock market has jittery investors flashing back to the dark days of the financial crisis…”

Fortune.com 1/13/16: Analyst: Here Comes the Biggest Stock Market Crash in a Generation
“You don’t have to listen very hard to hear the bears growling on Wall Street, London, or Paris these days…”

Motley Fool 2/12/2016: 6 Tips for Surviving the Stock Market Crash
“After years of watching the stock market make an almost uninterrupted climb to all-time record highs, millions of investors are in a near-panic about what’s happened with stocks over the past six months…”

Unstable cliffs, indeed.

Investors deserve reasonable returns for the risks they take. With our core philosophy of diversifying broadly and reweighting when prices decline, we expect to be in the right asset classes over the long-term. This allows us to ignore the themes, schemes, and fads of the day and year.

Four Peaks Wealth Management spends more of our time thinking about how we can stabilize those unstable cliffs over the long term. We offer a free consultation to discuss just that. Reach out and contact us.