At WT Wealth Management, we believe that your investment portfolio is akin to your DNA: unique, personal, no two alike. Even two people who look startlingly similar have different DNA. The same can hold true for investors: two investors can be the same age and have the same investable assets, income, goals, objectives and time horizons—but they can have vastly different attitudes toward risk and volatility. Their respective portfolios should reflect that difference.

First and foremost, a portfolio should reflect your personal risk tolerance—that is, how much fluctuation you are comfortable seeing in your account before throwing in the towel. Establishing and understanding your personal risk threshold helps us to build the appropriate asset allocation model for you, and you alone. Remaining invested in the financial markets is a critically important determinant of successful investing. Volatility can unnerve even the savviest investors, causing them to abandon their plans and jeopardize their long-term goals.

Your personal portfolio—built just for you—is a key determiner of your investment outcome. That is one reason why we work so hard to understand and establish the right asset allocation—the proper mix of stocks, bonds and other investments—for each of our clients.

While establishing the proper allocations for each client is a critical first step in building a custom portfolio, the real challenge comes later: Will investors stick with the plan when the markets become difficult?

As shown in the chart below, the average mutual fund investor has vastly underperformed the S&P 500. One contributor to this pattern is market timing. Many investors who do not rely on an advisor are driven by emotion, piling into the markets at their highs and selling near their lows. As a result, many investors underperform the markets.

As managers and fiduciaries, we do not manage money for us—we manage it for you. It is our job to generate returns within your personal risk-tolerance range, letting you sleep at night and stay committed to your long-term plan.

At WT Wealth Management, we believe that most commentary on the financial markets is tailored to speculators and traders, not investors. Constant “noise” can contaminate the mind of even the most serious investor with speculative and potentially fearful thinking.

We believe it’s time in the market not market timing that leads to wealth accumulation
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