"WE BELIEVE that if we spend the time to get to know our clients, we will be better able to serve them."
Personal Profile
Glenn has lived in Flagstaff for over 19 years and has strong ties to both the community and local businesses. Coming from an entrepreneurial background, Glenn has developed and honed his skills to help his clients make educated and timely decisions about their investment strategies and how they relate to their long-term financial well-being. His unique real-world business perspective and down to earth communication skills allow Glenn to easily connect and communicate complex financial strategies to his clients.

Before Glenn was in the investing industry, he worked as a paramedic/EMT in Flagstaff Arizona for 5 years. In late 2012, Glenn decided it was time for a change and got into the investing and financial industry. He took with him his desire to help those in his community and translated that into his new career as a financial advisor. Glenn came from a challenging upbringing where there was little financial stability and almost zero education about investing. Having to learn financial and investing principles from scratch has given Glenn a true understanding of how this area of our lives can at times be overwhelming. It is Glenn’s mission to help your investing and financial knowledge grow so that you can have financial freedom and success.

Glenn started his investment advisory career in 2013, working for an all-inclusive financial planning firm focused on individuals and small businesses. There he developed his expertise working with employer sponsored benefit plans such as SIMPLE IRAs, SEP IRAs, 401k plans, profit sharing and defined benefit plans. Glenn spends considerable time with his clients working to understand their financial goals and aspirations. This client-focused approach allows him to guide and make complete financial planning recommendations that are custom tailored for each client.

In his spare time Glenn and his wife, Breanna, serve as associate pastors at Bridge Church in Flagstaff Arizona. Glenn provides financial oversight to Bridge Church as a board member and financial committee member. Glenn and Breanna have three amazing children: Parker (7), Hadleigh (5) and Lennox (2). He also enjoys bodybuilding and has competed in multiple competitions and is a rollercoaster enthusiast who thoroughly enjoys (safe) thrill-seeking adventures! Glenn and Breanna also enjoy real estate ventures and are currently working on their first rental property renovation.
Professional Philosophies and Goals
Glenn aspires to help his clients be efficient with the financial resources they have during their lifetime. He believes that money, like time, is a finite resource that we ought to do our best to both maximize and enjoy. Whether it is hundreds, thousands, or millions, Glenn believes that we should strive to be the best financial stewards as possible. Glenn is committed to the Northern Arizona community for the long-term. Additionally, Glenn helps his clients understand that having the right long-term investing perspective can make all the difference. Our financial lives are a constantly evolving picture and Glenn is committed to the local community's ongoing education (and his own) about investing and finances.

Glenn believes that each year he should become better in all areas of his life. Through ambitious goals and a culture of excellence, Glenn seeks to grow his abilities and team. He believes that by having this culture and mindset, his clients will always be getting the best that Glenn and his team have to offer.
Podcast, Radio Show and Educational Content
Glenn is featured weekly on a nationally syndicated talk show “The Jeff Oravits Show” as the resident investment expert (97.1FM – Thursday afternoons). Glenn also has a nationally broadcasted podcast called "Intelligent Investing with Glenn Leest". This podcast is on every Saturday morning on 97.1FM and online (iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, Cast box, Pandora and more)

"Intelligent Investing with Glenn Leest" covers all things related to investing with experts from various fields and walks of life. Some notable guests have been:

  • One of the World’s Largest Bitcoin Mutual Fund Managers
  • Local Real Estate Experts
  • Tax Professionals and an IRS member
  • Real Estate investors who specialize in renovations and flips
  • Local Insurance Specialists – Life, Health, Home, Auto & Umbrella
  • Chief Investment Officer of WT Wealth Management
  • President of Western Trust – Hospitality and Resort Company
  • Physical Trainers who specialize in investing in our health
  • Real Estate Developers
Having come from a non-finance background, Glenn has the heart of a teacher and wants to help grow your knowledge so you too can be an intelligent investor. Glenn has an investing 101 class that he has created and offers online and in person throughout the year at no cost. He also produces educational video content to help grow your investing knowledge and financial aptitude.
Financial Peace University (FPU) Involvement
Glenn has been following and implementing the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University principles for over 7 years. Glenn believes that we can all be successful when it comes to money and investing. Glenn’s goal is to help educate, guide, and implement a plan for you so that you can be successful in your investing. Glenn uses the Financial Peace University baby steps for his clients (regardless of their FPU participation or not) as he firmly believes it to be an effective approach.

"Whether you think you can, or you think you can't--you're right." -Henry Ford
Professional Experience and Achievements
Experience in financial planning, investment management, portfolio analysis, annuity analysis and retirement projections. Expertise in employer sponsored investment plans including SIMPLE IRAs, SEP IRAs, 401(K) plans, and defined benefit account plans.

  • Series 65 Certified
  • Board Member – Flagstaff Junior Academy (Treasurer) 2016 – 2021
  • President – Noon Lions Club (2016-2018)
  • Award Recipient of the Arizona Daily Sun 20 Under 40 - 2016
  • Academic achievement award – Coconino Community College Presidents List - 2017
  • Pastor with Bridge Church May 2019 – Present
  • Financial Committee member for Bridge Church July 2020 - Present
How to Partner with Glenn
Glenn wants to partner with you to help take your investing/financial life to the next level. Whether you are just starting out, are midway through or in retirement, Glenn is eager to help you improve your current situation. Call or email him today and let’s dream big together. Together we can go above and beyond.

Office Number (928) 225-2474
Office Number #2 (928) 225-2314
813 North Beaver Street
Flagstaff, Arizona, 86001
Intelligent Investing with Glenn Leest (Spotify, I-Tunes, Amazon Music, Pandora and more)


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